3 Sure-Fire Ways to Rank Higher on Google 2020

The majority of the power of the modern age advertising rests in the hands of Google. Ranking high on any particular Google search brings traffic that few other ads can.

While the core concepts of search engine optimization, or SEO, remain the same, there are tweaks and details that change from year to year. Keeping up with these trends is vital.

How do you rank higher on Google in 2020?

We have the know-how and the guides to keep you moving. Let's begin.

The Sure-Fire Tips on How to Rank Higher on Google

For those uninitiated, here is a quick breakdown of the basics of Google ranking systems. When a person searches Google for something, Google compares the words they use with the words on every website registered with Google.

The more times those search terms appear on a website, the higher that website's rankings. The website with the most gets to be the first link provided on that search.

Sounds easy, but lots of variables complicate matters. Let's focus on the details that will help the most.

1. Your On-Site SEO Must have Focus and Balance

The most vital part of Google's SEO rankings focuses on your on-site SEO. That means that the elements of your website are the biggest driver to your Google rank.

Keywords are the relevant words searched by customers the most on Google. Those kinds of words need to be covering your website but still have a purpose. You can't dump them wherever.

Article titles should frontload keywords. Website headings should have a keyword focus. Integrate them in a natural way into every statement you make on the site.

2. Keep Technical SEO Issues Out

The vast majority of websites won't have any SEO technical issues. When they do happen, though, they are often fatal.

Mobile optimization is a huge one. Any website that doesn't work well on a phone will lose customers and Google ranks.

Loading speed on your website can be a small but easy-to-fix problem.

Indexing in Google's algorithm can be a minor issue that blocks you from rankings. Google's system will show you this under its "Coverage" section.

Double-check these items. They are often easy fixes with major fallout when you ignore them.

3. Focus on Lining Up Keywords and Search Intent

The last item on the list is search intent, one of the newest big and important buzzwords of the SEO market.

Search intent is the analytics of how well your page serves the client's needs. If someone searches for something, finds your page, and interacts with your page to find what they need so they don't have to search again, that is lining up with search intent.

To master this, you need a page that is helpful and organized alongside the right use of keywords. This is why plastering random keywords on your website don't work.

Search intent can affect your rankings in a direct manner. The more searches that end with you filling the user's intent, the higher the rankings. The more that don't can drop it.

Mastering the Web with Your Website

When you want to rank higher on Google's coveted searches, these tips will be your first priority. If you touch on nothing else, you will still have a good route forward. Still, this is far from everything when it comes to positive Google rankings.

There are many routes your website can and should take to get ahead. From web design to social media, advertising never sleeps. Neither do we at SOMD Connect. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you!



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