3 Twitter Marketing Strategies to Use for Your Small Business

Social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Here are 3 useful Twitter marketing strategies to use for your small business.

Twitter might seem a little pointless to some people at first glance. You can only use 140 characters, so what's the use?

While the character count is small, the potential impact is huge. First, consider how many people use Twitter. That number is something like 330 million, and many of your friends and business colleagues are among them. 

Additionally, note that Twitter isn't just a hub for presidential tweets and responses. It's home to a lot of branding, marketing, discourse, and potential. We're going to go through 3 Twitter marketing strategies in this article, giving you some insight into ways you can use the site to boost your bottom line. 

Let's get started:

Twitter Marketing Strategies that Will Improve Business

Naturally, there are thousands of Twitter marketing ideas out there that people claim to be the "secret" to success. As with all "secrets" like those, they're easier said than acted upon. 

We're going to layout 3 basic principles for the beginners out there. These can guide you through your process and gear you toward results.

1. Establish Goals Before Starting

The first thing to do is hammer down very specific metrics that you're trying to reach. Twitter offers you a close look into your posts, how they've done, and who's interacted with them, so you can keep tabs on progress as you go. 

That said, ask yourself if you're trying to generate brand awareness, increase sales, or level out your customer service through social media. You might be trying for something else, but just remember to keep these goals in mind and work toward them specifically. 

2. Look at What Thought Leaders are Doing

A great way to see what works is to peek at other accounts that are succeeding. There's nothing wrong with taking a few notes from the pros. 

Whatever your niche, find the people who are finding success through Twitter and break down what you can about their strategy. Typically, there are measured efforts to achieve specific goals. You can identify these efforts if you take some time to break down their strategy.

3. Know Your Market

Twitter is vast. You could spend all of the time in the world trying to market to "Twitter" in general and find no results. You'll get the best returns if you understand your target audience early and market specifically to them

There's a wealth of Twitter and other social media tools floating around online. Additionally, you can use Twitter's native analytics tools to understand who's looking at your page and what they're doing with your content

Things like engagements, impressions, and reach are all great places to start when you're trying to understand how users behave on Twitter. 

Need More Marketing Insight?

Whether you're looking for more Twitter marketing strategies or you're trying to make some ground in other areas online, we're here to help. It never hurts to get some advice from the pros. 

Contact us to get started with improving your marketing today! 

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