5 Genius Tips for Building a Brand on Social Media

Building a brand on social media can be a fast track to success, but you need the right strategy to start gaining attention. These tips will put you on course.

As of 2019, 90 percent of millennials are on social media, and so is over 50 percent of the rest of the population.

In this digital age, building a brand is the key to a successful business. Read on for five tips on building a brand.

1. Consistency

Whether it's color, a posting schedule, or a simple hashtag added onto the end of every social media post--consistency is important.

When building your brand, it's imperative to keep things cohesive. Colors play a big part in marketing and have actual psychology placed behind them.

It's important to recognize the colors you're using in your brand, and then using them everywhere.

2. Create A Website

That marketing worked. Someone has begun looking into your brand. Now what?

It's about creating an experience for any potential customers. Does your brand have a website (it really should)? What about a YouTube channel or other social media pages?

Your brand has to have a solid place for people to visit that explains what you're about and what you do for those you interact with. If your brand is mysterious or confusing, nobody is going to pay attention.

3. Establish a "Why"

Why are creating this brand? Was it just an idea that you're wanting to expand on? Is this your life's mission coming true, or are you wanting nothing more than to explore your horizons?

No matter what the reason is, people like honesty. We live in an era of "fake news" and marketing scandals. If your brand has a solid core mission, then there's a reason it needs to be supported.

Take the time to establish why you're pursuing your brand. Write it down. When you forget (or when someone asks) you can always come back to it.

4. Connect With Your Target Audience

Once you've established an objective, it's time to find a target audience and connect with them. Curate content that fits into their everyday lives, and then invite them to share their stories.

If you're just beginning to build your brand, reach out to a few users in your target audience, and invite them to try your services or product in exchange for a testimonial. In doing so, you connect with your target audience while also growing your engagement.

5. Engagement Matters

Active consumers are crucial to any good brand. Those consumers tell their friends about your brand or post about you on social media.

If your followers see that you share user posts onto an Instagram Story or in a tweet, they're going to want to post about your brand. They feel connected and proud to represent a company that cares.

It's easy enough to reach out to a few people. Seeing their testimonies may make you want to change something, or it can reassure that you're making the right moves, but active engagement grows your numbers.

Building a Brand Can Still Feel Fun

Building a brand allows you to be creative, even if it's in a professional sense.

Doing research, talking to people, and producing a trial and error system to see what does and doesn't work for your brand is half the fun.

If you're looking for more information, or just want to dig into more research, check out our blog.

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