7 Free SEO Tools to Boost Your Google Ranking

Trying to run a successful website, whether its e-commerce or information is difficult. The competition is fierce and Google constantly changes its algorithm, making it hard to know who best to improve your search ranking.

Luckily, there are many free Google SEO tools available to give you the best chance at success. Budgets are tight and not many people can afford these expensive SEO platforms or services. These free tools can help you turn your under-performing website into a business juggernaut.

There are billions of searches every day and it’s your turn to get noticed. Check out these tools and bring your website to the next level.

Google Analytics is One of the Best Free Google SEO Tools

If there is one tool that every website needs to have in order to understand site traffic and improving SEO, it’s Google Analytics. It’s developed by Google and an incredible resource to track traffic, popular pages, and much more.

You need to install a snippet of code on every page of your site and it tracks enormous amounts of data. If you’re an e-commerce site, then you can enable e-commerce tracking to gauge revenues, transactions and more.

It can tell you how much of your traffic came from Google Organic versus referral and PPC traffic. Tells you what percentage of traffic is from mobile and can even break it down by what type of phone or browser.

All this data can help you better understand and target your SEO. The biggest downfall to Google Analytics is its complexity. While some tables and graphs are easy to see, digging into the e-commerce aspects and other more subtle data aspects require some expertise.

While it may be difficult to understand, the data is invaluable.

Google Search Console Digs into Your Site Stats

One free tool that is easily overlooked is Google Search Console. It’s a platform developed by Google to help people understand their website and how people are getting there.

You can load your sitemap so Google knows exactly what pages are on your site and to index them. If you just created a blog post and want it indexed fast, you can input the URL and request indexing.

If you’re curious what keywords your site comes up for and at what rank, Google Search Console lists it along with how many people clicked on your site from the search page and how many impressions you were in.

Installing Google Analytics is the standard operating procedure, but not many people remember to also include Google Search Console. It provides important information and can be linked to Analytics.

Track your Loading Speed with Page Speed Insights

Google recently implemented mobile-first indexing. This makes the mobile site a priority for ranking over the desktop site. This proves how important mobile is for SEO these days.

One of the most important metric for mobile and thus SEO is how fast your web pages load. When a person clicks on a webpage from a search engine, you only have a few seconds to get the page up before they choose something else.

Page Speed Insights lets you test how fast your page loads and if there are any problems. Many times you can compress images, CSS and JavaScript files to improve page speed, so it’s worth checking out.

Ahref Backlink Checker Sees Who Links To You

While Google Search Console can also show you backlinks, the Ahref Backlink Checker provides much more information. It’s proven that good authoritative backlinks can improve SEO and toxic backlinks can hinder it.

The free version of the checker shows you the top 100 websites linking to your website as well as how many total sites link to your site and more. If you’re building a backlink strategy for SEO, then this tool can help you understand where your backlinks are at and how you can improve.

See What People Are Searching For With Google Trends

Keywords and content are two of the most important factors for ranking well on Google. It helps show your trustworthiness and authority by crafting content that people want to read. Keywords help you hone on specific search queries, but how do you know what to use?

Google Trends can show you what keywords are popular and how many people are searching for it and when. For example, if you’re selling sunscreen you can look it up in Google trends and not surprisingly find that it’s most often searched during the summer months.

You can use this information to craft your content so that it hits timely topics and use keywords popular with searchers.

Check out SEO Problems with Screaming Frog

SEO isn’t just one thing. It’s many aspects that work together to create the overall picture of your site. If some of these are overlooked, then it drags down the overall SEO for your site.

Screaming Frog is a tool that helps you diagnose up to 500 pages on your site and identifies any SEO roadblocks. You can then go back and fix these items until the issues are gone. Some are very easy to fix and others might require a programmer, but your site will be better off without those issues.

Find Log Tail Keywords with Keyword Tool

In the eyes of Google, not all keywords are created equal. Some have a higher number of searches and are likely used by major players in your niche. If you’re a small website, then it can be difficult to rank for these general and more popular keywords.

Instead, you can find keywords that are less popular, but also have less competition, so you’re more likely to rank well for them.

Keyword Tool lets you input a keyword and lists out alternatives that you can use on your site. These are often longer and more specific phrases called long-tail keywords.

Use the Tools Available

If you want to up your SEO game, but don’t have the money for high-priced tools, then use these free Google SEO tools to develop your marketing plans. SEO is an integral part of digital marketing and organic traffic leads PPC and social media when it comes to bringing traffic to your site.

If you want to learn more about search engine optimization techniques or digital marketing, then explore our site.

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