7 Tips for Putting Together a Social Media Press Release

A social media press release is a great way to get the word out to potential customers. Here are some tips for putting one together.

Do you have news to share? Do you want to draw attention to new products, services, or headlines?

Then you need to create a social media press release: something short, informative, and engaging.

Read on for seven tips on how to put together a social media press release.

1. Focus on Your Purpose

What do you want this press release to accomplish? Are you looking for engagement or retweets? Are you trying to drive traffic to your website?

You need to decide what success looks like before you can succeed. Then you can tailor your press release to achieve your desired outcome.

2. Decide What to Include

Since you're reaching out directly to your consumers, think about how you can engage them. People don't usually link back to a press release, but they will share a good story or blog post. So how do you make your press release interesting? 

Tell a story with concrete details. You may want to write about how your company beat its quarterly projections, about how your company made an impact in society, or about how your services improved your customer's lives. If the message can cover more than just a story of your own success, it's more likely to get noticed and shared. 

3. How to Format a Press Release

Write a social media press post that looks like a traditional news story with a headline, content, and contact information. Since the headline needs to draw attention, and since it might be the only part of the story that readers actually notice, be sure it contains the most important information. Include everything else in the content below the headline, but try to keep it concise.

4. Add Photos or Video

Since photos draw the reader in, a few good photos will help you hook your audience and stand out online. You can use photos of your product, projection graphs, or a video that tells a component of your story.

5. Post Your Press Release

Once you've prepared the main press release, post it on a site such as your company blog. This will give you something to link back to.

6. Post on All Your Social Media Accounts

Now that you have an article to link to, start spreading your news on your social media accounts. Your post should include an eye-catching photo, a few words summarizing your news, and the link to your press release. 

Encourage a conversation. Social media is the place where you can connect with all sorts of potential customers, so engage with your customers and respond to comments.

7. Decide Whether to Buy Ads

You may want to boost your audience by buying ads. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow you to target ads to specific audiences, helping you reach the people who will be most interested in your news.

Create Your Social Media Press Release

Writing a social media press release and sharing it through several social media platforms allows you to reach customers in different places. If this process sounds overwhelming, contact us. We'll write the content and manage your social media accounts to make it easy for you to share your good news.



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