8 Reasons to Have a Marketing Calendar

Marketing, specifically digital marketing, is more vital today than ever. The digital world continues to expand and your customers rely on your website and social media channels.

Marketing is integral to boost customer engagement, increase brand awareness, and other benefits such as search engine results.

But 45% of businesses don’t have a digital marketing strategy.

If you’re unsure how to create a marketing strategy, start with a marketing calendar. A marketing calendar organizes and plans your marketing tasks, making the process a lot easier.

But why is a marketing calendar necessary? Here are 10 reasons to create a calendar for your digital marketing tasks.

1. You Will Save A Lot of Time

With a marketing calendar, you fill up your schedule with marketing tasks that need to be completed, published, or even outsourced. You can create a weekly marketing calendar or you can create a calendar for the whole month.

This helps save you time because you’re always on track. You can organize your time by what needs to be done for the day or the next few days.

2. You Will Be More Strategic

The secret to a successful marketing campaign is strategy. While you may know your marketing goals, your campaign will fail if you don’t know how to get there.

A calendar aids your strategy by separating your tasks into blocks, whether they be weekly blocks or monthly blocks.

Social media is a perfect example. A social strategy is integral because your audience may only connect with certain posts or posts published during certain days and/or times.

A calendar helps you organize what should be posted when and what you can do to prepare that post.

3. You Can Focus on Your Tasks

You never want to create any tasks on the go or spontaneously. There’s little chance the task will have a positive outcome and won’t be as high-quality, compared to taking time to revise and complete the task.

In addition, performing spontaneous tasks pressures you and your team more than it should. You’ll all be met with tight deadlines and very little room to improve the project before the completion date.

A marketing calendar helps you focus on each individual task, ensuring each project is done and revised to ensure quality.

If your team focuses on creativity, organizing your time helps work the creative juices to create a unique piece of work.

In addition, you and your team can keep up with the marketing calendar and know your deadlines well in advance. This prevents any pressure and stress.

Speaking of your team…

4. Organize Your Team

If you have a whole team helping with your marketing efforts, a marketing calendar helps them keep track of the necessary tasks. Your team always knows what they need to do and they know about any necessary deadlines.

In addition, a marketing calendar can benefit your superiors. For example, if you need a bigger budget for a project, deliver the marketing calendar to your superiors complete with your goals and other useful insight.

5. Improves Your ROI

It’s recommended that a business spends between 7% and 8% of their gross sales on marketing.

But how do you ensure you’re making your ROI? The better you plan, the better the outcome, the more you produce, and the better your ROI.

For example, let’s say you have a marketing calendar for content and you outsource writers or a content marketing agency. You create your own topics and focus on evergreen topics.

You can plan your content throughout the month with deadlines for the writers.

This ensures you not only have high-quality content but you have consistent content, which is integral for customer engagement and search engine results.

Speaking of consistency… 

6. Your Marketing Efforts Will Be Consistent

Consistency extends to more than just content. Consistency is key for all marketing branches. 

This includes your social media marketing, website updates, and even your web redesign.

Consistency ensures you stay relevant and your audience always has a new way to engage with your business. You will always have marketing tasks and can plan them out throughout the week or month.

Sticking to this schedule helps you set expectations and your audience can always expect fresh content and other ways to engage with your brand.

7. Can Better Align Your Marketing With Your Audience

Your marketing efforts are only successful if they align with your audience. As you stick to your marketing calendar, you’ll gain a better picture of what your audience wants.

Say you plan social media posts for a week. At the end of the week, you go back and see which posts were most successful. You use this information to create the following week’s posts similar to the successful posts from the previous week.

In addition, you can align your marketing tasks with your goals and use your marketing calendar to convey this. 

For example, let’s say your goal is to increase website traffic by the end of the month. You can plan tasks that increase your web traffic and disperse them throughout the month, helping you better track your progress.

8. Fuels Innovation and Idea Creation

As mentioned previously, a marketing calendar gives you time to plan out your marketing tasks and ensure it’s of the highest quality.

One way to separate your marketing efforts from the rest is by brainstorming new ideas that improve your marketing and fuels innovation.

In addition, you can take the time to ensure your marketing efforts align with your branding and your voice. This ensures even unique content blends seamlessly with the rest of your content.

From Content to Social Media: Create a Marketing Calendar and Organize Your Tasks

Whether you’re organizing your content marketing or social media posts, a marketing calendar can benefit every part of the marketing process. A marketing calendar can help save you time, fuels innovation, and offers even more benefits.

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