A Beginner's Guide to Maryland Website Design for Your Small Business

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In 2018, fully one in every ten retail transactions took place online.

If you're running a small business you must have a well-built website.

It's even more important that your site works well for local and worldwide results.

Use the tips below to learn some of the basics needed for effective Maryland website design.

Avoid Clutter

Minimalism is in right now in a big way. Consumers don't want to see a busy webpage that's crowded with useless features. Make sure your site is a joy to look at while providing all the functionality you need.

Make a real effort to avoid adding useless features. If you don't offer any online services, avoid adding in any e-commerce functionality. Things like that confuse your customer base and make them less likely to trust you.

Don't go for a complicated design you think will make your site look sophisticated. You should have essential information presented right at the front. Secondary tasks can be added on separate, easy to navigate tabs. 

Having an uncluttered design makes your Maryland business look more professional and put together.

Local Maryland Website Design Tips

Localizing the design and content of your website can be a major boon. This comes down to what kind of business you run and who your perfect customer is.

For companies built to run on e-commerce or digital product creators, a local site is obviously less important. What you sell or do is the biggest determiner of where you need to market it.

If you run a local Maryland business that deals almost entirely in face to face you only need a small geographic reach. This is where local SEO comes in to play. Search engine algorithms are designed to take location into consideration when showing results.

If a potential customer searched for Maryland website designer it would understand they were looking in a limited geographic area. By adding in geographical tags to your content you make, it's more likely you'll rank for local searches.

For a lot of small businesses, this kind of local search is their lifeblood. If you're selling ice cream you need locals to visit. Include your full address prominently displayed in your contact information as well. 

If you can, try and include references to reviews of your business that also includes local information. 

Focus on Conversion

It doesn't matter what kind of Maryland small business you're running, your website needs to convert. The whole point of having a website is to improve your overall marketing presence. It doesn't matter how beautiful your site looks if it doesn't generate business.

Depending on your business type and size you'll have different needs. If you're a professional services provider your site will be about getting potential client information. You want it to have your contact details front and center on every page.

Generating inbound leads through your site should always be your goal. You need to properly set up every page with this in mind. Make sure there are natural calls to action throughout your site. Incorporate an email capture function so you can build your mail list. 

Your end goal is to have an attractive site that isn't pushy. You don't want to be too obvious but in the end, people visiting a business's website know why they're there. 

Provide Value

Probably the most important tip of all is to provide real value. There are tens of thousands of websites out there that are beautiful, search optimized, and completely filled with fluff.

Potential customers can tell when you've put real thought into the content provided. They can also tell when you phoned it out and went with generic and useless information.

Make sure that everything you put on your site is something you would want to use yourself. It's absolutely essential that anyone who visits your page knows that you value their time and want to help them.

A great way to do this is to give something useful away. Many businesses will create a short guide or tutorial for something in their niche. This shows potential customers you know what you're doing.

Once they see that you provide real value to them they'll be more interested in you as a company.

Make It Mobile Friendly

There are now more people accessing the internet using smartphones than desktops. If your website doesn't take this into account you're going to fall behind.

Make certain that you've fully optimized your site to run on mobile browsers. Google provides a simple tool that will let you test this out.

Optimize It

Always go for tasteful simplicity and proper SEO. You need your customers to easily locate what they're looking for. If you're planning to generate leads to your site, and you should be, it's important to optimize properly.

This is where you take everything you've already learned and make that knowledge work for you. Create a design that's uncluttered and easy to navigate. It should be a delight to the eyes without looking busy.

SEO has to come next. Don't obsess over it. It's better to have a well-made site with valuable content that isn't fully optimized than it is to have fluff that follows SEO. You can always improve the SEO of highly valuable content but it's difficult to add value to optimized fluff.

You should absolutely perform keyword research where possible. This allows you to focus in on high-value long tail keywords in your niche. You can then work to fulfill the needs related to those keywords.

You get the benefit of additional organic search traffic and the ability to provide value to new customers. The combination of a simple design, proper optimization, and valuable content is a winner for any Maryland small business.


Don't Be Afraid to Hire the Professionals

If the thought of building your own website stresses you out, just hire a professional. A properly trained Maryland website design agency will provide you with years of expertise and experience. They allow you to get on with running your business while they do all the hard steps involved with creating a killer website.

If you would like more information about personalized website design, contact us for a consultation.



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