Boost Your Brand: How to Create a Hashtag for Your Business in 2020

A hashtag on social media is the perfect way to boost your brand and grow your business. Here is how to create a hashtag for your business in 2020.

Think about the last hashtag you used. 

Did it support a cause? Was it in the bottom-right corner of your TV screen?

We use hashtags for many different reasons: to communicate our feelings, explore content, or follow our favorite brands. If your brand isn’t using hashtags, you should be!

Read this article to learn how to create a hashtag for your business

Hashtag Usage

Hashtags are still as relevant in 2020 as they were ten years ago. If you're not using hashtags, 70% of your company's organic social media content is going unseen.

A lot of people believe the false assumption that posts are ordered in your social media feed by how popular they are. This is not true. Social media sites use an algorithm that assesses each post and then decides which ones will be displayed to users. 

By adding hashtags to your post, you are casting a wider net out and will get more people to see your post. People who are interested in the hashtag's topic are more likely to be shown the post.

What Can Hashtags Do for My Brand? 

Hashtags can help your brand build a stronger presence on social media. A brand hashtag is like a tagline. Use it every time you post and people will eventually start using them too.

Using hashtags for your business can help create meaningful conversations with customers. Businesses can use trending hashtags that relate to their business. Using a trending hashtag allows more users to see your message. 

How to Create a Hashtag?

It takes a bit of creativity to come up with a good hashtag. Your hashtag needs to be memorable and short. Hashtags that use humor such as a play on words perform well. 

When creating a hashtag for your business use keywords that relate to your business or industry. This will make it easier for people to find you. 

No ideas are bad ideas. Brainstorm with your team and write them all down. 

Then do a little research. Hashtags are not copyrighted but you will want to make sure no other business is using your hashtag or that the hashtag isn’t being used for something else. 

There is no rule that states two companies can’t use the same hashtag but it could get confusing for your customers. 

Keep it Simple

With hashtags, simple is best. Keep it short and sweet, no more than a few words long. Ideally, you want your hashtag to be three words. 

Create a hashtag that is clear and easy to read. Avoid placing the same letter next to each other. It makes the hashtag more difficult to read. 

Capitalizing your words can make your hashtag more clear. Instead of #spreadtheword try #SpreadTheWord instead. 

Stand out by making your hashtag funny, clever, or powerful. People will use your hashtag to add spice to their social media posts. Use a rhyme or a pun to help get you started. 

Be warned: creating hashtags for your brand can be addictively fun! Once you get started, it’s hard to stop. 

Hashtags Are Here to Stay

Hashtags are here to stay. And that’s good news for your brand. Learning how to create a hashtag isn’t that hard and they can be easily incorporated into your digital marketing strategy. 

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