Branding 101: Is Branding Your Company Actually Important?

Have you recently been told that you need to improve the branding of your company? Check out this branding 101 guide to learn about the importance of branding!

The last time you made a decision to spend money on a product, what information did you use to decide? More importantly, what initiated that interest at all?

It could be a place to eat, a skincare purchase, or even the design of an apparel company to buy clothes from.

Before we get into a bit of a Branding 101, consider this: no matter the product, your consideration to spend your money on something was initiated by your sight.

A restaurant might look unprofessional. A facewash’s label might look unserious. A clothing company’s website or tags might have a distasteful design. In that case, you may not consider choosing it in the first place.

Statistically, our knowledge is 75% perceived by our sight. If you didn’t know that, you may ask: do I really need to worry about building a strong brand?

We’ll save you the trouble: yes. Here’s why.

Branding 101: What Is Branding?

You might be curious about how to start a branding company. Or maybe you're interested in branding a new company. Either way, it's important to start with the basics. A firm foundation to build from.

"Branding," by definition, is the identifiable combination of a business's name, logo, and overall design. These should be cohesive choices, lending to the design and fluidity of each part.

It's even more important to have a strong brand if you're seeking strong branding for creative businesses. It will impress possible clients or customers.

What Makes Branding Important?

A few things.

We know that sight provides the majority of our information. But the stimulus within that information is complex. It can sway many factors of your business.

Branding doesn't just influence your clientele. But we'll start there.

Impression and Impact

Your company's brand is the first thing anyone sees. You know what they say about first impressions--they make a difference. Our attention span is dropping. Now, it averages about eight seconds long.

But a brand's first impression isn't its only obligation. That first impression leads to an impact. If your brand is done well enough to grab someone's attention, there's a second window to make an impact.

Your brand should stick out enough to be noticeable. Your brand also should be distinct, harmonious, and interesting. That way, a person can engage with it. You want people to remember it.

A sign of a good brand is a person's independent admiration for its design. Think of people who put stickers on their laptops, water bottles, and cars. That could be your company.

Pride and Satisfaction

Another important component of good branding is the pride instilled in those who are a part of it.

In our booming digital age, a company's esteem influences its employees in several ways. It can add to their decision to apply for a job, or even work harder. It also gives them a sense of pride to work for the company. They want to be proud--of how others view the place they work and the work they do for this company.

If we rely on our sight for information, that information is communicated to employees' peers by their employer's branding.


Good design isn't always efficient, but bad design almost always is. To sell anything, or to market well enough to do so, strong branding is necessary.

Your product or service should be easily understood by your branding. The design communicates the necessary information.

One example of a clear branding skill is its efficiency on mobile devices. Now more than ever, it's important for branding to translate into a mobile format.

The Verdict on Branding: Important

Someone could have suggested improving your branding. Or, you might be interested in starting your own branding business. You might not have been sure it was important enough.

After a brief Branding 101, you're likely convinced that branding is even more important.

Now it's time to get specific about your business.

We have some useful information on ways to make your branding development easier. Check out our branding services page here.

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