Digital Marketing 101: Top 5 Best Digital Media Platforms

Are you unsure of what digital media platforms you should utilize for your digital marketing? We're here to show you the top five best platforms!

If you aren't getting enough customers or clients, promoting your business online is a great way to increase exposure and let the world know who you are.

Here are 5 of the best digital media platforms to give your business the exposure it deserves.

1. LinkedIn: Networking for Professionals

LinkedIn is the perfect starting platform, whatever your business. It is excellent for connecting with other professionals in the field, and most importantly, from your past.

For employers and employees alike, it's good to know that LinkedIn has 15x the impressions of your typical job ad. Think of LinkedIn as a digital resume. It will allow you to build new relationships and clients while re-connecting with others.

Set up your LinkedIn today to establish yourself in the industry.

2. Google My Business: Information Hub

Making sure your clients know how to contact you is crucial to a successful business. If they don't visit your website, they will most likely type your name into Google.

Google My Business creates a profile, which gives vital information, such as opening times, location, and contact details. If needed, you can also create listings for your services and products. You can even schedule appointments.

Google My Business is free for all, so go ahead and create your profile.

3. Twitter: Instant Exposure

Think of Twitter as a news outlet for your business and you'll understand why it's one of the best social media platforms to use. Encourage your customers to follow your page for the latest updates.

Your customers will appreciate your efforts to tell them that unforeseen circumstances mean you may need to change plans. Remember to post regularly; otherwise, your customers will feel neglected.

Twitter is available on all major devices, so sign up to get started.

4. Pinterest: The Ideas Hub

If your business has something to offer, Pinterest is a brilliant place to promote yourself. It has established itself as the home of ideas, where people take note of products they like.

It isn’t just about products. You can promote services too. It’s a chance to get creative with what you offer and present your business a little differently.

Have a look around Pinterest. It might give your business inspiration from others!

5. Facebook: Best for Keeping In Touch

Although some may argue it doesn't have the same influence it used to, it's still worth any business's time to get to know clients. The business pages offer opportunities for a personal touch, which allows a closer connection to the client.

Like a personal profile, it allows businesses to create a sense of unique understanding. So it is great for companies where personal touches matter.

Set up a free Facebook account today and see what your marketing brings.

Other Digital Media Platforms To Consider

There are plenty of other platforms, depending on your needs. But it's important not to have too many. Otherwise, you will spend too much time advertising and not enough time on your business strength.

Choosing the right digital media platforms ultimately comes down to knowing your customer, your product, and your business goals.

Now you've got an idea of which platforms to use, check out this article on successful customer engagement.

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