How Bad Web Design Hurts Your Business

Is your website doing more harm than good? Here's everything you need to know about how bad website design can negatively affect your business.

Whether you're operating a brick and mortar store or you're functioning strictly online, having a great website to introduce customers to your brand is a must these days.

Data shows that 81 percent of customers research a company online before making a final purchasing decision. Is your website sending the right message?

That all depends on your web design strategy.

Keep reading to find out how bad website design can impact your bottom line and help or hinder your brand.

Your Brand And Your Website Are Synonymous

In today's digital age, companies can't rely on one-dimensional sales tactics. It's crucial to have a strong, thorough branding strategy that sets each company apart from the competition.

In short, your branding -- and therefore your website -- send a message to the world. If that message says you don't care enough about your website to invest in quality design, you'll quickly find that customers won't hesitate to move on.

Bad web design translates to a poor company image.

First Impressions Matter

Imagine you're interviewing a candidate for an opening at your company. You've spent time and energy preparing thoughtful questions and creating a warm and welcoming environment.

When it's time for the candidate to arrive at your office, you decide to greet them at the elevator. After a few seconds, the elevator doors open, revealing the candidate still in their pajamas. Worse, after a quick chat, it becomes evident that they have no idea what your company does.

You'd be horrified, wouldn't you? They've made a horrible first impression, and not only will they not get the position, but you plan to tell your friends about this nightmarish experience.

As harsh as it may sound, that's exactly how people feel about badly designed websites. That first impression is everything!

You only have seven seconds to impress your visitors, and if all they see is a half-baked website, you can rest assured that you've lost their business.

Bad Website Design Impacts Your Searchability

Bad web design doesn't just hurt your website. It hurts your entire marketing strategy by bringing down your search rankings.

Since so many customers rely on search engines to research products and businesses, having your company appear as the first result gives you a tremendous advantage.

While SEO services are a great way to maximize your business' searchability, keep in mind that one of the biggest factors that determine a site's ranking is usability and design. Don't wait until you slip in the search results to revamp your site. Aim to give a great experience from the start.

Give Your Customers The Web Experience They Deserve

Bad website design sends a horrible message to your customers. It suggests that you don't care about your branding, which in turn impacts a visitor's first impression and ultimately hurts your SEO strategy.

Don't put up with bad web design. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your business send the right message and convert visitors into customers.

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