How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan in 10 Easy Steps

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

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How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan in 10 Easy Steps

Are you looking to create a digital marketing plan?
Not sure where to begin? If so, read on to learn how to create a digital marketing plan.

Some people believe a well-crafted website alone can bring in an audience. While that will help you out, you're going to need a little bit more than that if you're going to successfully sell your products or services.

You're going to need a thought out digital marketing plan. If this is your first business, you may not know how to set up the right campaign that will get you the sales you'll need to stay afloat. Good thing you have us here to give you a little advice. Here are ten essentials step you'll need to take to create your digital marketing plan.

1. Set Your Objectives

Any great digital marketing plan needs to start with an objective. What do you want to accomplish with it? Make sure all of your goals are realistic. Don't set yourself up to fail.

You also want to make sure you're very detailed in your objectives so not only you can follow it, but your employees as well. Remember, your marketing plans should be completely separate from your website.

Once you have a plan in motion, it's time to look at how you're marketing your products currently.

2. What are Your Current Marketing Strategies

If this is your first company then you won't really have any current marketing strategies to analyze, if you've had one or two marketing campaigns though you can learn from those.

Look at the social media sites that you're active on, your youtube channel, or any other sources. Try to pick out what's working so you can build onto it and continue your success.

3. Find Your Best Customers and Target Them

As your company builds, you'll get a small following of loyal customers. You want to target these people so that you can keep them in your court. You don't want them turning to your competitors after all.

You can do something like, give them special offers so they keep using your product. You can also have them sign up for a newsletter or take surveys so you know what they might want to see out of you in the future.

It's little things like this that make people feel like they matter. When they feel like you care about them, that helps build customer loyalty.

4. Make Yourself Easy to Find

It will be hard to get these loyal customers if they can't find you. You'll want to use the various tools available to you to lure customers in.

One way to do this is by using a mixture of Google AdWords and search engine optimization to rank higher in a Google search when a potential client is looking for a company like you.

Most people don't go past the first page when they are looking for a company, so you want to make sure you rank higher than your competitors.

5. Analyze Any Past Mistakes

You don't just want to look at your past digital marketing plan to see what works, you also want to see what failed so you can make sure you won't make the same mistakes again.

A good place to start with this is Google Analytics. It can give you accurate percentages so you can see what went over well, and what didn't' get any attention at all.

You can take this a step further by seeing the percentages of some of your competitors to see how you compare.

6. Stick to Your Budget

You don't want to sink too much of your budget into a marketing campaign. You don't want to be too far in the negatives if it fails. This being said, you also want to sink enough money into it where it will be successful.

Look into your different marketing channels, if you spot any that aren't bringing you results, knock them off so you can make room for something that will.

7. Look to Your Current Team

You need to make sure each member of your team knows what your marketing strategy is. You should also hear them out if they have any fresh ideas that they can bring to the table.

Going back to the budget, if you feel like your current team won't be enough to get the job done, see if you can afford to hire on any new faces.

8. Launch Your Campaign

Once you have all these Lego bricks in place, it's time to actually launch your digital marketing plan. Don't be alarmed if it takes you a little time before you're actually ready.

Sometimes plans don't exactly go off without a hitch so make sure you have a backup plan for your backup plan. This will be sure that if there are any little bugs in the program, you'll be ready with a can of bug spray and a fly swatter.

9. Analyze the Results

You'll want to check your analytics again after you launch your new campaign. You can never do too much research.

Again, you want to look at everything that went right with the launch and everything that went wrong. This will help ensure that you keep replicating your successes so you can cut down on your failures.

10. Make a Plan but Don't Stick to It

Software and marketing is very much a trial and error process. If you get too caught up in making a plan you'll never be prepared for when life throws a wrench into your well-oiled machine.

It's for this reason why you want to have more than one plan or solution in mind, or at least a plan to alter your plan a little bit.

What is Your Digital Marketing Plan

Making a digital marketing plan can be a messy business if you've never made one before. So many things can also go wrong with it, and it takes quite a bit of time and money to get it right.

Make sure you develop your plan with your target audience in mind, be prepared to alter said plan, and always look to your results for research. This creates the building blocks of success.

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