How to Find and Hire the Best Web Designer in Maryland

With the number of web designers needed in every field growing faster than just about any other kind of job, it's hard to find a web designer. Even in the busiest markets, there aren't enough designers to fit the number of jobs. It's especially hard in Maryland, even as more people graduate every year with the skills to get the job done.

Here are six ways to attract the best of the best to your company.

1. Culture Fit Matters

While having someone with the skills you need is vital, frankly there are a lot of great web designers out there to choose from. What really matters is that you choose one who has the ability to contribute to your culture at work. Getting along with others and making the workplace more engaging also makes a difference.

Workplace culture is a delicate balance of personalities. You have your more creative and outgoing types, your quiet brilliant staff members, and team members who see the glass half empty but work to fill it up. Adding too much of one type can keep your team from moving forward.

Interview your candidates with this in mind so that you're able to balance out all of the personalities present. The more balancing you do during the hiring process, the fewer messes you'll have to clean up later.

2. Be Explicit About Diverse Hiring Practices

There are so many great candidates out there from all kinds of backgrounds. However, many of them don't feel comfortable or qualified to apply for great web design jobs. Women and people of color have long been underrepresented in the field of web design.

To attract great candidates, be honest that you're looking for a diverse hire or that you work hard to make your staff diverse. Equity is important to people of all identities and the fresh perspectives of underrepresented voices are important.

For example, consider the fact that only recently, there are more female bra entrepreneurs than male ones. Even in fields where gender can provide an important perspective, the people who could provide them don't get hired. Show the world that your doors are open and you'll find great candidates lining up.

3. Make Your Expectations Clear

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when posting a job is that they don't tell people what they really want. Asking for two advanced degrees while paying minimum wage just won't cut it anymore. With unemployment as low as it is, candidates have more options than ever.

Let your candidates know what skills they need to have and what kind of work they'll do day to day. There's no need to get into the minutiae but avoid being vague.

On top of that, tell your applicants what you're going to offer them as employees. Work is a give and take and you must let applicants know that you're offering them more than the glory of working for you and a kitchen full of snacks.

4. Consider Interns

For companies in niche markets, one of the best ways to get the perfect applicant is to cultivate them. By employing interns for the summer, you get the chance to analyze the way that you work as you teach them. You also get eager applicants who are able to work for a lower wage temporarily. 

As you cultivate this talent, you can guide them to lean about the way you do business. If they take to the kind of work that you do, you'll find that they may be perfectly suited for your team. You get the chance to have a talented worker on a trial basis.

While many interns need to return to school to finish their studies, building a robust network of interns means that you could build a future workforce. As the current workforce ages, more employers are realizing the importance of this.

5. Offer a Competitive Package

One of the most attractive things for any potential employee is going to be a paycheck and everything that comes with it. If you're looking to find a web designer and be able to outbid other companies, you need to offer incentives.

The world of web design and tech work has skewed more toward freelance in the last few years. Many workers are gambling the ability to earn more money against the stability of insurance, time off, and paid family leave. If you can offer any of those things, along with a competitive salary, you'll become the top choice for designers.

6. These Skills Have Gone Mainstream

Web designers don't all come from a specific web design background anymore. An increasing number of web designers are coming from an art or tech background.

Artists play with technology to explore new ideas and tech students get to skip the drawing class and make cool images with web-based tools. Everybody wins.

That means when you're looking at resumes, don't limit your search to just applicants with a specific tech background. You need to have people who can build interfaces and designs that break the mold while still inviting a familiar engagement from users.

Find a Web Designer By Leading With Strengths

It's easy to find a web designer when you're offering great benefits and a great work environment. While every company needs a web designer, they're still grossly undervalued. If you let applicants know that you need their expertise, they'll let you know how well they fit within the first minutes of an interview.

If you want your web designer to kickstart your digital marketing, check out this guide so that you know what to look for.

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