How to Go Viral on Social Media: A Guide for Businesses

There are many beneficial reasons for going viral on social media. You can check out our tips here to learn more about how to go viral.

Today 72% of Americans use some type of social media.  Users of social media bridge all generations so there is no age group you do not have the chance of reaching.

Everyone that posts on social media wants to know how to go viral. We are going to teach you how to create posts that go viral.

Create Solid Content

Content that goes viral has to be worthy of being shared. Rhetoric by Aristotle was written in 350 B.C. and included the specifics of great content.

The key factor is that content must create an impact. To accomplish that it must contain justifiable and logical appeal, possess ethical appeal, and appeal to the reader’s emotions. 

Strong content includes a hook, strong content, and understanding the audience. A compelling headline grabs interest, and the hook grabs attention and pulls the reader in.

Follow with strong content that keeps them reading. Deliver on the promise made in the hook, and end it with a call-to-action. That is where you tell them what you want them to do -- go to a website, place an order, visit a store.

Know your audience – what they are looking for, what they enjoy, what they expect from you. Understand the reason people follow you and deliver what they want.

Do research to build solid content. Look at posts that have gone viral. You will find they are full of data and statistics.

Include that type of information in your posts with links back to the source. This validates the information for your reader.

How to Go Viral on Social Media

Going viral means content that is circulated around the internet at a fast rate from one user to another. For this to happen you need to create content that spreads like a wildfire. 

YouTube and Facebook are the most popular online platforms. Smaller portions of Americans use platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. Three-fourths of Facebook users are on the sight at least once a day.

The key factor is to provide quality content. Don’t overwhelm the reader. Break information down into sizes of information they can easily understand and share.

Use keyword search tools to discover the best keywords to attract traffic to your site.  Keep content short – people don’t have a lot of time.

Make it easy to share. Put social share buttons on your websites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. When a reader only has to click on a button to share your content has a better chance of going somewhere.

Benefits of Going Viral

With the Covid-19 social distancing social media is a great way to keep your business open and active. Social networking sites provide the opportunity to interact with a wide range of potential clients without ever leaving your home.  When your content goes viral you will reap in the benefits of customers being driven to your business.

Going Viral Requires Planning

Learning how to go viral requires planning. Once a few posts go viral you will learn the technique and continue reaping the benefits. It is important to be consistent in producing quality content.

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Don't hesitate, step into viral social media today.

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