How to Hire a Social Media Manager: What to Look For

A social media manager can make a world of difference when marketing your business. But you should know what to look for to hire the right person for the job.

With 85% of consumers active on social media, social media marketing is vital for your business. To make the most of this opportunity you should be hiring a social media manager.

Here is our guide on what to look for when hiring a social media manager.

1. Creativity

Of all the qualities a social media manager will need the most important is creativity. Social media is a dynamic landscape where trends come and go and attention is hard to keep.

A great social media manager will possess the creativity to create engaging content regularly. And will use this creativity to discover new opportunities and take them even if they break the traditional "rules" of marketing.

The best social media campaigns take what makes their company and brand great and present it to its customers in a completely new way. Think of Volvo's Epic Splits campaign with Jean-Claude Van Damme, showcasing their cars dynamic steering technology.

2. Copywriting

Good copywriting is a non-negotiable when it comes to hiring a social media manager. The formula is simple, good copy creates more engagement and connection with your customers.

In the distraction-rich world of social media great copywriting is essential, and more valuable than in traditional marketing.

When assessing the copywriting ability of a potential hire you want to see if they can break your message down to its core and present it to your customers without wasting any words.

3. Design and Creation

You do not need your social media manager to be an artistic genius, but they do need to have fundamental design knowledge and skills. They must be able to create visually appealing content that stands out and looks professional.

Data shows that content with rich images outperforms text-heavy content. Beyond capturing the attention of your audience, graphics and images are proven to improve how much of your message is retained by your customers.

Video creation is a must for any social media manager. Video content is by far the most engaging and video campaigns will deliver great results.

There are many easy to use design tools available online for free today. Companies like Canva offer software that beginners can use to develop engaging visual content, so there is no need to be a master designer.

4. Analytics

There is a saying, if it cannot be measured, it cannot be managed. Your new social media manager will need to have the analytical skills to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

There are a million ways to spend time and money on social media, analytical skills will allow your social media manager to find the highest ROI strategy for your specific business, products, and customers.

A social media manager needs to be able to analyze this data, including page likes shares, and target demographics to craft a strategy that works best for your business. They will also need to analyze conversion metrics. This is the data that shows you how your social media strategy delivers leads, sales, and revenue.

How To Hire A Social Media Manager

Creating a new role can be daunting. But not having a social media strategy, and not hiring a social media manager is a huge risk. This hire could be the best thing you do for your business, and if you follow our guide you will find the right social media manager for your business.

Find a social media manager with us today.

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