How to Make Your Website Popular: This is What to Do to Increase Traffic

There are different things you can do to increase traffic to your website. Check out our guide here to learn how to make your website popular.

The internet is a big place. So big that it houses about 1 billion websites. Yet, having a website is essential for any type of business nowadays.

With all those websites around on the internet, what are some tactics you can use to make your website stand out from the competition? 

If you're wondering how to make your website popular, here are a few tips. 

1. Use SEO

Writing content is important, but writing content strategically is preferable, because people need to be able to locate your content on the world wide web. SEO stands for 'search engine optimization' and it can help your websites attract more visitors. 

To use SEO, you strategically place keywords and internal links in your content, and your headline so your posts will rank higher in a search engine. When you incorporate high-traffic keywords into your site, you have a greater chance of securing more visitors. 

2. Go For Pictures And Images

Content is king, but pictures make the content appealing. On average, people leave a website after about 20 seconds. How can we encourage visitors to stay longer and soak in the content?

When you incorporate more images and photos into your content, people hang out on a website longer because it's visually appealing. Also, adding text to your images can help with your SEO. Consider adding images to every post after every few paragraphs.

3. Build Your Email List

People get busy, and not many have the time to get online and surf a website, much less remember that there's one they love to read!

Building an email list is a perfect way to keep readers coming back. To build your email list, make sure you have a subscription button on your website and an offer for signing up. This could be a coupon for a purchase, a free product, or something relevant to your businesses and valuable to your customers. 

Clients or customers are not quick to sign up and have their email littered unless the email incentive is amazing. 

Building your email list is a very easy way to have continuous traffic to your website. 

4. Guest Posting

Guest posting means that you write articles or blog posts for other websites. The benefit of this is that another audience sees your work, and the owner of the website is willing to link to your website in the article. 

You will likely need to pitch a topic to the owner of the site or the company for whom you want to guest post and see how they respond.

In contrast, try reaching out to other blogs to see if they would like to guest post on your site as well. 

5. Analyze

The truth is, without analyzing your websites - things like page views and other data - you will not know where to invest your energies to increase your traffic. Utilizing tools like Google Analytics will offer you better insight into which strategies to implement that will improve your traffic.

How To Make Your Website Popular

These are just a few tips on how to make your website popular with readers and visitors. Do you need more tips for website content?

Contact us today to see how we can help!

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