Instagram Branding: 11 Tips and Techniques for Marketing Your Small Business on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites and a perfect spot to market your small business. Here are 11 tips for Instagram branding.

Instagram has over one billion monthly active users — out of which 67% are between ages 18 and 29. Being the second most-used social media, Instagram is a must when starting to work on a business strategy plan. 

Brands such as Calvin Klein or Nike are proof of how powerful a good strategic plan and a cohesive profile can be, specifically when expanding to new audiences and releasing new products. And yes, these are big brands — but nonetheless, a lot of planning happens behind the scene for every post and hashtag campaign.

Here are 11 tips and techniques for Instagram branding.

1. Start a Plan

This means research. Through research, comes the brainstorming of mission, vision, and future. You start creating the big idea, the “why” behind that idea and who else is doing this and how. This leads to inspiration and competition, which helps model your goals and objectives.

2. Set Goals and Objectives

Setting goals and objectives is the equivalent of your new years’ resolution. The only difference is that you need to stick to these in order to make your business work and grow. Your goals and objectives will present to you the obstacles, the challenges and the route you will face. 

3. Learn Your Audience

Researching your audience is equally important because you want to have someone receiving and answering your communications. Ask yourself, who do we want to attract? Who are we catering to? What makes them the right fit for our product/services?

Once you establish this you will need to start viewing your target as your friend.

4. Transform Clients into Relationships

To transform users into a relationship, you will have to engage in a two-way conversation. Rather than doing all the talking and communicating, figure out what they would like to hear or see. Clients and social media users are constantly expressing this, all you have to do is listen.

5. Monitor Through Social Listening

Social listenings mean paying attention to what your clients say or asks. Keep track of their likes, their dislikes and you'll begin to see a trend in the behavior.

Use this to scale your content.

6. Quality Over Quantity

Why put out endless posts if users won't engage with them? Think about the message, the direction, the execution, and the overall cohesiveness to attract users and have them come back for more.

Remember, the quality will reach way more than numbers, especially if done right.

7. Scheduling Ahead

A good technique when working on Instagram is to plan ahead and schedule. This means your stories and posts will go live automatically, allowing you to spend time somewhere else.

8. Engage Instead

With this free time, focus on engaging! Listen to your audience, ask them questions or answer any doubt they might have. This will increase your credibility and ratings.

9. Hashtags

HashtagCampaigns are a great way to gain more exposure, especially from secondary audiences. This helps users find content aimed at them. #Try using hashtags less popular and claim them for your brand.

10. The Right Tools

Instagram currently has a lot of features and tools set to help you and your business. You can use IGTV, stories or in-feed posts, or a combination. Try them out and stick to the ones that work best for your brand.

11. Stick to the Plan

Combining all these steps only leads to one place: your next social media campaign. No matter what direction you take or what trends you try to incorporate or be a part of, stick to your plan and be cohesive. Remember your goals, your target, and your tools

Improve Your Instagram Branding

From research to execution, these 11 tips and techniques will help you market your small business on Instagram. Be strategic, cohesive and smart — and have fun while working on your Instagram branding.

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