Is Your Business Website Mobile-Friendly? 3 Reasons Why It's So Important

Our phones are our mini computers. With a lot of research being done on these devices its super important your business website be mobile-friendly.

According to an analysis from Google, most websites landing pages are slow and bogged down with too many elements.

This increases the likelihood of users leaving a website and moving on to something else, which is not good news for your website.

Keep reading for the three reasons creating a mobile-friendly website design is so important. 

1. Most User Traffic Comes From Mobile Devices

More than half the overall web traffic comes from mobile users.

A mobile-friendly website is going to be the deciding factor between users staying or leaving. Accomplishing this means faster loading times and simple design. Colors that correlate with your brand are also important.

Keeping up with design trends also makes users want to stay on your site. It goes hand-in-hand with credibility. The better your website's design, the more likely consumers are to do business with you.

The more credible your business seems, the more traffic you're likely to generate. Higher traffic means higher profit.

2. Speeds Up Loading Time

Google's analysis found that less is more when it comes to mobile-friendly website design. A simple, user-friendly website loads quickly and can be used efficiently.

The longer it took a website to load, the more likely users were to leave.

A website that took 1 to 3 seconds to load only had a 32 percent chance of visitors bouncing from the site. If it took 1 to 5 seconds, it went up to 90 percent; 1 to 6 seconds took it 106 percent. As the load time went up to 10 seconds, the likelihood increased to 123 percent.

Keeping your website's landing page simple cuts down on the loading time, and makes mobile users more likely to explore your offerings.

3. Bad Design Effects Searchability

One of the biggest factors that determine a website's search engine ranking is its usability and design.

Think about it. With so many mobile web surfers using Google or other search engines to find products and services, don't you want your website to be the first to appear?

Customers expect optimized websites, no matter what device they're using. They expect convenience and ease with their experience. Providing that is key to making sure your website generates traffic.

Mobile-Friendly Design Can Make Or Break Your Website

A good website builds the foundation for your business. The traffic you do or do not accumulate says everything about you and your reputation. If your website is mobile-friendly, you're more likely to generate it and revenue you're searching for.

In a speed-driven age, users want to see something fast, sleek, and attention-grabbing. Technology has made starting a business (or building a brand) so simple, but so complicated.

If someone doesn't know the basics to website design or marketing, a brand can sink before it even begins to float. Luckily, the basics are easy to learn and implement.

If you're curious about mobile-friendly website design, or just want to read more about generating traffic to your website, check out our blog.

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