SEO to Grow: A List of Your Must-Have Small Business SEO Services For 2020

A List of Your Must-Have Small Business SEO Services For 2020

We all want to improve our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that our websites rank higher on the search engines and in search apps, but what sort of small business SEO services should you be considering? Are there tools that are a must?

In reality, there's only one tool that is an absolute must (and not for the reasons you think). Then there are only around four other services that you should consider if you want to make your website more popular on search engines and apps. If you are a small business and want to improve your SEO, this is what you need to know. 

The Google Analytics Tool

The people who claim the Google Analytics tools are poor are right. It takes a few years of experience before you realize just how manipulated the results are. The same is true of their Google Ads tool.

They are both set to encourage certain types of behavior in webmasters so that Google has an edge when it comes to making affiliate money and snubbing out the competition. However, with Google Analytics, you get alerts. These alerts will tell you if your SEO or SEO services have created a problem that affects your search ranking.

This is the only reason you need to sign up with Google Analytics - simply so that they may inform you when something negative happens that will seriously affect your search engine ranking.

SOMD Connect Small Business SEO Services

Large SEO service agencies are going to demand thousands from you so that they can pay a high ranking website for a link, but small business SEO need not be so expensive.

SOMD Connect can conduct SEO for business at a fraction of the cost of larger companies because we enhance your online brand and website with organic SEO. We use organic white-hat methods to build a foundation upon which your website may exist. Plus, We have a blog that can be used as a marketing guide, which means you will be able to exploit our foundation and our work for years to come by powering through your own business SEO.

On-Page SEO Services for Your Website

Reading and learning about SEO on the internet is very difficult because it is tough trying to figure out what is true and what is not. We all know there is a certain amount of on-page SEO that needs to be done, but it is difficult knowing what should and what shouldn't be done.

That is why you need an on-page SEO service to check over and fix the on-page SEO for your website. An SEO agency will do the following:

A web-presence assessmentCheck your page titleYour metadata tagsParagraph headingsOn-page textImage attributesCheck and fix your internal link building.

If these are okay, they will check your on-page SEO. A good agency will then check it and fix it so that you see a positive movement in your search engine ranking.

If you are smart, you will make this service a one-off service until the next time your website undergoes a big change such as a web redesign.

On-page SEO is something you should be able to handle yourself if you get the basics right. Once you know how to add ALT tags to your images, how to write page descriptions and things of that nature, then you shouldn't need an on-page SEO service for a good while.

A Website Development Service

Remember that most of your on-page SEO relates to how usable, useful, popular, and user-friendly your website is. SEO is all about search experience optimization these days, and a website development service may be able to add elements that make your website more usable and therefore offer a better user experience.

They may be able to make a website dynamic or make a website responsive in a search engine friendly way. They can even do things such as add a search bar into your website that doesn't require the use of Google. Obviously, these are all things you can do yourself with plugins and extensions, but if you are not taking the time to do them, then you should have a service doing them for you.

A Service That Handles Your Affiliate Advertising

Trying to gather support for your website with things such as affiliate advertising is very difficult. It is easy to snag a batch of traffic that is un-targeted and useless. If you want to attract people who are genuinely interested in your product/service, then it is very difficult.

Affiliate advertising is also more expensive than you may think. Sure, it may only cost you a few cents per click, but the sheer number of wasted clicks and wasted money is epic if stretched across a number of months and years. A marketing company may seem expensive at first, but if they do their job correctly and attract the right type of people, then it is money well spent.

How can affiliate advertising possibly affect SEO? It affects SEO because search engines and apps rank popularity as much as any other metric. If your website is attracting people, if people are finding their way to your website, then your website is popular and worthy of ranking up on search engines and in apps.

Plus, if you attract people who are genuine fans and/or who are impressed with your website, then they may mention you on social media, share your content on social media, and mention you on their websites. They may even link to you from their websites, from online communities, and from forums.

Conclusion - Put the User First

There are plenty of small business SEO services and tools you can use, but your main priority is to enhance the user experience.

Focus on the user, make your website more user-friendly, and keep checking it for bugs and problems. When your SEO drops, do not look to tools right away.

Look at the reasons why people would suddenly stop visiting your website. Maybe then you will find your answer.

As a marketing company, we come across situations that never appear in college textbooks and on TV. We come across scenarios where we had to think outside the box in a big way. Read our advice and learn from our success with our blog.

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