Social Media Content Creation in 2020: Your Complete Guide

When it comes to social media, not all content is effective. Here's everything you need to know about successful social media content creation.

It's not a question of if your company should use social media in 2020. Instead, you should be asking what kind of social media content creation works best to attract and delight your audience. And do the same types of media work on every platform?

For example, the informative content media that excites your friends on Facebook may not get the same attention on a platform such as Instagram, whose users are searching for inspiring images.

The thing is—you can adjust the content media your company generates to fit a variety of platforms.

Social Networks: Connect With People

Direct the social networking your business does on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter at connecting with people. That means social media content creation should start a conversation.

Instead of merely sharing an article, video, or a meme—ask a question as well. Likewise, you can post a story and invite the audience to share their experiences. Either way, that post or tweet should ignite a response in the audience.

The best use of these type of social networks is to build a rapport between your brand and followers. That's why it's also vital to listen. You can't build trust with a one-sided conversation.

Likewise, if you don't give the audience relevant information or you post too often, it can have the opposite effect of nurturing, entertaining or educating, leading to a loss in social reach. Social listening gives you time to learn what your followers need and how you might help them. It also enables you to determine when to post for maximum impact.

Different Purposes of Content Media

When you're creating content for Instagram or YouTube, it should inspire a reaction, just the same as on the other networks. However, these visual media sharing platforms rely on striking images to draw the audience's attention and entice them to share. Consider using Instagram and YouTube to increase brand recognition and encourage sharing.

In other words, leave the conversations to Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Content Creation: Marketing Calendar

Once you determine what type of content media works best for which types of social networking, you'll want to create a social marketing calendar. You can separate tasks into weekly or monthly blocks.

By now, you know that a social strategy is integral because your audience will connect with posts published on certain days and times. Armed with this knowledge, you can organize when and where to post, using a social marketing calendar.

Hire a social media manager

If you opt to hire a social media manager, they can help you achieve your business goals by managing your social media networks through campaigns, efficient content planning, and building an eye-catching feed. A social media marketing manager can help you build a solid online presence with a strategy for your company to grow your fan base daily.

Ready, Set, Go Social

Are you ready to get serious about social media content creation? Need help managing your social media marketing? Then contact us at SOMD Connect and Associates, LLC. to get started.

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