Staying Up to Date: The Importance of Website Maintenance

The Importance of Having a Website Maintenance Plan

Everyone would be happy if you could build a website and never have to worry about maintenance. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

The good news is that there are simple things you can do to help with the up-keep of your website. 

Find out why it's important to have a website maintenance plan.

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance includes updating content, having strong SEO (search engine optimization), and improving rankings. It's easy to set up a website and worry about doing the maintenance later. 

Customers want to see current and updated information and functionality on a website. Your website might be the only business presence a customer sees.

Why Is It Important to You?

A lot of businesses are busy with expansion, development, and sales. Businesses are either too busy or don't have the necessary personnel to handle website maintenance.

The following reasons are why it's important to make sure it's regularly checked.


The number one reason you started a website is probably to attract and reach a larger audience. SEO will help you achieve this goal.

Google ranks websites in searches based on up-to-date articles and content. If Google doesn't think your website has been updated enough, they can remove your website from searches.

The whole point of SEO is to drive traffic to your site. 

Public Image

What does your website convey to a potential client? People want to see a professional site with professional design. 

Your business might offer a great product and an excellent service, but customers will go elsewhere if they see a cheap site. Often websites are an indicator of quality.

Your website might have been considered cutting edge when it was made, but just a few years can change that.

Engagement and Attraction

The functionality of a good business website should allow for some type of engagement. Have links that lead to social media pages or an easy way for someone to contact the business.

Is the site user-friendly? A random customer should be able to navigate and understand the layout of the website easily.

Having a professional try the website can reveal sloppy design or dead links. 


Update your software and patches as often as possible. Security is paramount when customers are entering personal data on your website. 

There are plenty of security options available if yours is outdated or nonexistent. A security breach may steal your customers' information and your own.

How Often Should I Adjust My Website Maintenance Plan?

Ideally, your website maintenance should be updated every day. Budget restrictions and time may only allow for periodic adjustments.

If you can only have your website serviced once a month, check for load speeds and security first. Blogs and visitor metrics should also be examined. You want to update all links and blogs as appropriate.

Cleaning Up

Taking the time to perform maintenance on your website can save you time and make you money down the road. 

If you're too busy with other aspects of the business, then hire professionals to come up with a website maintenance plan that fits your budget.

Make this the year your website is constantly updated and representing your brand.

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