The Future of Digital Marketing: The Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

Digital marketing has changed. Prepare yourself and your company for the future of digital marketing by following these five trends throughout 2020.

Did you know that over 4 billion people actively use the internet on a daily basis? And while this number has grown substantially within the last decade, it challenges you to keep up with the current digital marketing trends.

Let's face it. The marketing field is ever-changing. And what once started off as grassroots has now changed to digital. And even then, it's important to keep up to date with today's digital marketing trends.

Digital marketing has changed. So why not prepare yourself and your company for the future of digital marketing by following these five trends throughout 2020.

1. Conversational Marketing

When it comes to the future of digital marketing, business owners must understand the importance of conversational marketing.

We understand many companies want to rank high in search engines. And utilizing keywords redundantly used to be the fix. But now, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (i,e Alexa, Siri, etc) it's important that your content contains a replica of human dialogue in order to make the purchasing process easier for your customers.

2. Chatbots

According to the forecast, chatbots are going to control 85% of customer service this year.  And while this percentage has grown drastically in the past couple of years, it's evident that people would utilize a messaging service before picking up the phone.

If your site isn't equipped with a live agent that is able to answer questions after-hours, this is something you are going to want to consider in the new decade.

3. Video Marketing

Undeniably one of the most important trends when it comes to the future of digital marketing, video marketing is mandatory for growing your business. Not only does a well-made video capture your audience's attention, but it will make your customer confident when purchasing your product online.

4. Hire an Influencer

Whether it be a well-known celebrity or a local one, influencers have officially replaced grassroots marketing. Because of their captivating personalities and following, influencers work hard to gain the trust of their audience. So when they recommend a product, consumers are more compelled to buy.

5. Social Media

If your company isn't on social media, you're missing out on some major customers. Not only does it provide a direct presence for your company, but it provides an easy way for potential customers to message your company with whatever questions they may have.

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The Future of Digital Marketing Trends and More!

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