Website Design Tips: Your Simple Guide To A Better Website

If you want your website to meet its objectives, then the website design is crucial.

Read on as we look at some key website design tips that can help.

There are more than 1.7 billion websites online right now. Some of them are perfectly designed. Lots of them aren't.

1. Avoid Obvious Stock Images

Images are an important part of your site, but using photos that have obviously just been lifted from stock image sites doesn't make you stand out from the crowd.

There's nothing wrong with using stock photos if you can't get professional photos taken, but try to avoid ones that are too obvious, especially those that feature well-known stock image models. People will spot them in an instant and it can hurt your business.

2. Prioritize Speed

The importance of a fast loading site cannot be overstated. If your site takes too long to load, then potential customers are just going to look elsewhere.

One of the best company website design tips is to always prioritize speed when you're designing your site. If you have to sacrifice that beautiful 4K image or HD video or some fancy animations in order to speed up your site, then speed should always win out.

3. Consider the Fold

One of the most important website layout design tips is to consider the fold.

This is a term from newspaper publishing, which refers to the content that is visible when the paper is folded up. The same thing is true of websites; despite the wide variety of devices that will access your site, there is a portion of your webpage that will be visible to almost every user without scrolling.

This is where you need your most important information, your call to action, and any other major parts of your site.

4. Mobile-Optimized

On the subject of different devices, it's important to remember that since 2015, more search has taken place on mobile than desktop. 

There's no point designing a beautiful website that looks great on a desktop computer if it doesn't work perfectly on mobile. Your site shouldn't just be mobile-friendly, it should be optimized to work on mobile and that means designing it with mobile as the priority.

5. Keep It Simple

One of the most effective website design tips is also one of the easiest. Keep things simple.

If you fill your site with text, images, videos, it's all too much to take in. You want a nice clean design that is easy to use. That means not giving users too many choices; the more choices people have the less likely they are to choose any of them.

Make it as easy as possible for users to enact the behaviors that your site is designed to get them to do.

Have You Found These Website Design Tips Useful?

If these website design tips are the kind of things you wish you'd known sooner, then we can help. 

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