What a Marketing Manager Can Do for Your Business During COVID

Are you struggling to market effectively during the COVID pandemic? Times are changing, and so should you. Here's how a marketing manager could help.

Your business can sell better during a global pandemic. There's no need to worry that COVID can harm your business even more than it maybe already has. Why? Because with a marketing manager, you can show your customers just how relevant and essential your business is in these times. To discover all that a marketing manager can do for your company, keep reading.

Tapping Into the Power of a Marketing Manager

As businesses have battened down the hatches throughout COVID, they've decided that some expenses are more necessary than others. Any company that fires its marketing manager during this time would be making a mistake. If your business is lucky enough to be able to afford to hire one now, refusing to consider hiring one would also be a mistake. Here's why.

COVID has changed the business landscape permanently in some ways. Marketing managers know how to adapt your company to the new realities of a post-COVID business world. Marketing efforts should remain just as strong. The only difference now is that what was once not online now should be. A marketing manager can focus on your website, story, and data to optimize your customers' online experience. They can also evaluate your current keyword and content marketing strategies. Marketing managers can empathize, too. The virus has taken its toll on everyone in one way or another. Marketing managers know that so they can make communications look empathetic rather than making your company look like it's taking advantage of the situation. They're fully aware of how your company has changed any of its customer experiences. They can thus be responsive to customer feedback on changes made.

An Unbeatable Marketing Strategy

There's much more to a marketing manager's strategy in these times.

The time is ripe to implement new marketing approaches.

Marketers can leverage your customer data platform to help your customer service and sales teams. They can tailor your marketing automation system so that it delivers customer behavioral insights to sales. They can even help design and launch a lead scoring program. Now's the time to fully invest in agile. A marketing manager can develop an agile strategic pricing model to quickly boost margins. That's part of a larger strategy of gaining insights from troves of market and customer data. On the softer side of business, a marketing manager's highly creative abilities allow them to tweak your company's creative and storytelling directions in a new era of business. Their reflections on your company's mission and values will lend incredible insights into how to engage people in fresh, relevant ways.

Selling in a Pandemic

COVID has meant many things, but it certainly no longer means the slow-down of your business. With the right marketing manager, your company can showcase all that it has to offer and sell to audiences that will be irresistibly drawn to its marketing. For more marketing advice, browse the Marketing section of the blog. Shoot us an email at info.somdconnect@gmail.com or give us a call at (240) 466-2596 today.

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