Why Even Small Businesses Should Have a Website

5 Benefits of a Website for Small Businesses

Just because your company is small doesn't mean you shouldn't have a website. Check out these benefits of a website even if you're a small business.

When you have a question that you need to research, where's the first place you turn? About 40 million Americans rely on the world wide web as their primary source of information. Are you one of them?

Websites convey credibility, and that's only one of the benefits of a website. Want to learn more? Read on to discover the top five reasons why you should start building a website today.

1. Websites Provide Access to Customers

One of the biggest website benefits is providing access to your customers. A small business website provides 24-hour support to customers who have questions.

The yellow pages aren't relevant anymore. Instead, consumers often turn to Google to find contact information for businesses. Creating a website will help search engines provide accurate contact information to your business.

If a customer can't find you online, then they're likely to reach out to a competitor who is on the web.

2. Credibility Benefits of a Website

Experts found that eight out of 10 shoppers research online before buying a product. The main reason for this is to learn about:

-The product's models or features

-Competitor prices

-Customer feedback

With your own website, you can give detailed information about these features. Your products and businesses will look more legitimate than those of your competitors.

Having your own website also gives you the opportunity to post real customer reviews. Shoppers who see positive customer feedback are more likely to use the business. Consistent positive reviews provide credibility.

3. Boost Your Base and Attract Customers

One of the many benefits of a website for small businesses is the big boost in your customer base. With a website, your location in Maryland won't restrict your business. Your site makes your business global.

It's beneficial for business owners to post interesting content on their websites. This will increase your traffic, which attracts customers and generates sales.

4. Have an Edge over Your Competition

As the online world continues to expand, many businesses wonder when to get a website. If you're still considering this question, then you'll want to know these statistics.

Only half of small businesses have a website. Only 25 percent use SEO tactics

Small businesses who have a website hold a huge advantage over their competitors. SOMD Connect & Associates can help you build and design your website to fit your needs.

5. Get Detailed Feedback and Online Statistics

Each website has its own metrics. These metrics tell the website owner:

Who is visiting their siteHow many people are visiting the websiteSources of incoming trafficThe rate of return for customersWhat your customers are interacting with on the websiteWho is reaching out through the website's email.

Business owners should use these online statistics to help build marketing strategies.

Are You Ready to Build Your Website?

These top benefits of a website are not the only advantages of joining the online community. You'll be able to drive more transactions while expanding your business. Now, the big question is: are you ready to begin building?

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