Why You Need SEO Services Now More Than Ever: The COVID-19 Impact on Search Trends

What Google's Most Recent Searches Say About COVID-19's Impact on SEO

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and everything around the world, including our online presence. Here's what the most recent searches tell us.

The past three months have changed everyone's lives drastically, whether you run a completely online business or a brick and mortar one. 

Even if your website is already SEO optimized, it's time to revisit your past strategies to see what you can do to continue getting traffic and new clients.

Keep reading to learn what the most recent searches tell us about COVID-19's impact on SEO.

Shifts in Search Behaviors

As businesses begin to be seen as essential or nonessential, search behaviors are changing to reflect this. Businesses that offer food products or medicines are going to see a large shift in searches with their business name, so smaller companies should work on incorporating these name brands as keywords into their own website posts. 

Knowing what's trending and writing about those subjects can help you to continue ranking and getting clients. Be sure to keep an eye on Google Search Trends to create content that will rank.

Changes in Consumer Spending

As people spend more time at home and in front of their computers, the need for new clothing quickly disappears but suddenly a better monitor might seem like a good investment. 

Businesses should take action to learn how they can transform the marketing of their products to appeal to a consumer that is staying at home more. Once you have an updated marketing strategy, your SEO strategy needs to be the next step in order to rank and get clients.

Create a Dedicated COVID-19 Page

Since it looks like corona is going to stick around for a few months, consider creating a dedicated page to address how your business is dealing with the virus. Not only will this be beneficial for current or future clients, but it can also help you rank in Google. 

Every day people are Googling the latest news on the virus, and having dedicated virus keywords on your pages can help you start ranking.

Look Towards the Future

This pandemic won't last forever and so it's actually a good time to get a jump start on your later 2020 and 2021 goals and content. SEO takes several months to really kick in, so creating content now that will rank for travel or impulse buys is actually going to be very beneficial in the future months. 

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Now that you know about the most recent search trends and what they have to do with your SEO during the COVID-19 pandemic, why not get professional help from a digital marketing agency?

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