Why You Should Not Build a Free Website

For many businesses, the cost of building a website can seem like too much. But there are many reasons why you should never build a free website.

These days, your business cannot get by without a website. Most customers will look at your site before calling, coming in, or placing an order.

New businesses, solopreneurs, and freelancers all look for ways they can keep costs down. One way some of them do that is with a free website.

Of course, free isn't always the best website option. Many of the companies offering these sites don't make all the facts obvious.

Keep reading for some key reasons you should not build a free website.


Speed is one factor you should keep in mind when deciding between a free or paid website. It's a sad fact that most free websites offer very poor speed results.

That makes them especially problematic because Google uses speed when determining page rank results. On top of that, modern internet users show very little patience for a slow-loading site. Most will simply leave and look for an alternative if a site takes more than a few seconds to load.

Uncertain Mobile Friendliness

Mobile traffic makes up more than half of all Internet traffic these days. That means you need a mobile-friendly site to leverage the speed advantage the simplified site offers.

The problem with free sites is that must usually build them with the company's website builder. These website builders usually offer few options. Even worse, you can't trust that the site will prove mobile friendly.

Loss of Data Control

Data control or the loss of data control is a con on the free website pros and cons list. These companies don't want you to move your site somewhere else. They make a profit off you.

So, they will often make site migration a difficult, manual affair. It effectively limits your control over your site data and files.


Another thing that doesn't get a lot of coverage is that your free site will host advertising. Those ads come from the company providing the site or ad network, which means you can't control what appears.

That means your recipe site could end up hosting ads for adult content or even a competitor site.

Limited Support

Free services almost never come with good support. At best, you might get an email address for support. Then, your ticket sits in the low priority queue until someone gets around to it.

At worst, you can expect no support at all.

Don't Build a Free Website

The reasons listed above just scratch the surface of why you should not build a free website.

Even if you can tolerate the ads and poor support, slow loading speeds and uncertain mobile-friendliness should give you pause. Both of those issues will remain major stumbling blocks in ranking on search engines. Plus, they'll drive away customers.

Opting for a paid website puts a lot of control back into your hands. You can launch the site knowing it's optimized for speed, mobile, and won't advertise your competitors.

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