Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need My Own Domain?

No. We can provide a domain when creating your website for you. A domain will be subject to availability.

Can I Use A Domain I Already Have?

Yes. We can connect a domain you already own with your site with us.

Can I Get A Website And Take Ownership?

No. Every website needs web hosting, no matter what platform it's on.

What Does The Cost of Web Hosting Include?

Each package varies however, the cost includes keeping it online and allowing any needed editing.

I Am A Small or New Company. Where Do I Start?

With smaller companies wanting to expand, or new companies on a budget, we always recommend starting with branding and a website. It is important to give your company the look you want and get online first. After that, we suggest Facebook management and eventaully other social media.

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Search engines will search the web for results based on the input of the consumer. ie Landscape Comapny in Leonardtown, Maryland. The web will search to see how many different online channels a company has (a website, social media, etc). and SEO will determine which company is first on the web results. We offer SEO services.

Where Do You Provide Services?

Most of our clients are local within Southern Maryland however, we are moving to nationwide. We can accomodate digital marketing for any industry anywhere in the U.S.

What Does My Website Include?

Each web design package is different in regards to how many pages your site will have. However, each site will include basic SEO and keywords, along with reporting capability to track number of site visitors.

How Do I Budget My Marketing?

Budgeting for marketing takes organized bookkeeping in order to know monthly profit. We suggest in spending 10% - 23% of profits back into marketing in order to increase regular profit margins. This percent varies based on company as well as industry.

I Need Marketing But I Don't Have Time To Do Any Of It. Can You Help?

Yes. We offer full marketing management with regular meetings to ensure proper communication.

I'd Like Your Services, How Do I Move Forward?

Contact us and we'll discuss everything you want. We will send you a quote via email. Once you accept the quote, a 50% deposit is required before start any project. The remainer balance is due upon final review of web design or other services.